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Dr. Lucy and Dr. Noel McKenzie

Dr Lucy McKenzie is a compliance healthcare professional with nursing and business directorship experience. She is a management professional with a proven leadership of achieving goals, motivating, and building and maintaining business loyalty, quality care and profit focus with significant experience in managing privacy, policies and compliance, and promotion of service quality.

Dr Noel McKenzie is the country representative for an investment company, with extensive experience within the business development sector as well as experience with infrastructures and humanitarian investment opportunities within Africa, where he continuously seeks opportunities and has devoted understanding of the social, cultural and economic challenges facing business people in the Africa region, with special objectives to the East Africa Community.

We operate a non-profit organization ICARE Operation and have received multiple requests to provide sanitary products for young ladies in Kenya.

The Product

It was the second Wednesday of the month and as usual I was excited to attend the ladies meeting with my BFF. We met in the parking lot and were excited to see each other as we made our way to the meeting. Upon reaching the door we exchanged hugs and kisses with our sisters. As the meeting was about to start in walks this talk dark hunky man and my thoughts were “is he lost?” this is a women only gathering. He was given the floor to showcase “The Secret is Out product”. When I first saw a demonstration I knew immediately that this is an amazing product that will do wonders for myself and many other women around the world. Especially for women with heavy flow and troublesome periods this is the product for us. Another benefit is that it offers some relief for men.

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