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Tanya W.

Tonya W. talk Pads Period

My family is amazed with the negative ion technology and we have put it to the test again and again. A few weeks ago my 7-year old daughter had a UTI and was a bit uncomfortable. With me and my 11 year old using the products, I wanted nothing more than relief for her. So, I gave her a pantyliner to use and within 24 hours the UTI was completely gone. Again, I am amazed with Angel’s Secret products and will continue to spread the word.

ShaRonda G.

ShaRonda for pads period

Since I first began my cycle at 13, I’ve always had a heavy flow, migraines and bad cramps. After 3 kids it only seemed as if there was no relief, except being pregnant, and I’m beyond that phase now. I used the pads and thought maybe something was wrong, but felt right, because I didn’t have cramps or migraines, let alone headaches. To really see if it worked well, I switched back to my leading brand and immediately the cramps, and the migraine came back. After a few days I couldn’t stand it anymore and put on an Angel’s Secret Day pad, and within minutes it all went away. Now my daughters use them and we are hooked on using this product daily. I am so thankful that finally “The Secret is out!

Team Romero

Team Romero for pads period

My sister first shared a pack of Angels Secret Day Pads with me and I thought I’d try it. Usually on my my cycle I flow extremely heavy, use a heating pad to help soothe cramps, drink warm tea, and take pain medication for relief. To my surprise, I went through the entire pack without cramps and noticed there was no ODOR. I immediately called her and asked “what’s in this pad, because I have to have it”. And I meant that, there is no way I’m going back to feeling bad again. Thanks Angels Secret!