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Angel’s Secret™ is referred to as the next generation sanitary napkin mainly because of the Negative Ion Core™. This anion strip is the negatively charged ion. It emits up to 5,800 anions per cubic meter. And when it does, it helps…

  • 8 pads per pack
  • Specifically designed for night coverage
  • Length of 275 mm (10.8268 in)
  • Thickness of 0.8 mm (0.0314 in)
  • Duo-Dry core
  • Negative Ion Strip longer than Day, but proportionate to maximize it’s potency throughout the length of the pad


Each pad has 7 layers, which is amazing considering how thin it is. These 7 layers ensures there’s no leakage, it won’t rip off when you move a lot, and at the same time makes it breathable so it will feel fresh and dry. Layer 1 contains superior surface permeability housed in cotton to promote dryness and comfort. Layer 2 includes an anion strip with antibacterial and odor eliminating properties. This strip emits up to 5800 anions per cubic centimeter. Layer 3 contains a special water channel made from high-quality cotton for the prevention of leaks. Layer 4 is made from a super polymer containing super moisturizing particles which instantly dries the surface of the pad in 8 seconds while supplying a feeling of comfort. Layer 5 houses another special water channel made from high-quality cotton that prevents leaks. Layer 6 is a breathable membrane of polyethylene film which is waterproof and removes moisture by pulling the moisture from the surface of the pad to the bottom. Layer 7 is a food grade adhesive made of stripped plastic allowing the pad to adhere to undergarments.


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