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Your Period surprises


A woman has approximately 450 plus periods in her lifetime and it’s worth taking time to learn all the facts there are to know about periods. Know these monthly visits have several surprises including appearing when you least expect them.

Period pregnancy is real

The myth that a period protects you from getting pregnant is just that. Here are the reasons (1) when the ovaries releases monthly egg, during ovulation a woman may bleed, you can mistake this for your period. Note your fertility peaks at ovulation time, meaning when you ovulate, and entertain sex you are must likely to become pregnant.

Next, prior to having your period you may ovulate, and in some case just before bleeding comes to a stop. Know that sperms have a life spam of up to three days, and can hang out in your body, so conception can take place when you have sex during your period = menstrual cycle.

Recommendations some form of birth control to prevent unplanned pregnancy example; condoms. Remember to protect yourself at all time.

True period on the pill, is not period

Yes, bleeding will continue in the while taking sugar pills and that is considered as monthly withdrawal bleeding. Which is somewhat different from your normal period. So normally you would ovulate in the midmost of your menstrual cycle. The ovaries would release your eggs if they are not fertilized, suggesting a drop in your hormone levels, which cause the lining inside of your uterus to shed.

The prevention of ovulation occurs with birth control pills, and comes in a variation of types, and breakdown into you taking hormones for three weeks, then one week of pills without hormone. This work with your body to regulate the release of an egg, but doesn’t stop the build up in the lining of your uterus during the month. The fourth week product period like bleeding, due to lack absence of hormone in the last week.

Throughout life your period changes

Hormones can make changes throughout your lifetime; this can leave predicting exactly when your period shows up unpredictable.

At the time of your first period, a young lady cycle could be longer, consequently the start time may be longer for a teenage girl their cycle maybe within 21-45 days. As time progresses, periods get shorter with more predictability of about 21-35 days.

Life ongoing changes are normal but uncommon issues such as heavy bleeding and/or missed period are not and you will need to speak to your doctor if you notice anything unusual.

The Mystery in PMS

Whether one or two weeks prior to the start of your period, brace yourself for mood swings, bloating, craving, sluggishness, note every woman experience is different and PMS is real in many women’s life.

Medically there are presently no solutions for the whys. Since the mixed changes brought on by hormones that comes with menstrual cycle, and links to chemical brain changes and emotional effect of depression and increase PMS symptoms = Premenstrual syndrome


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